Everywhere you look these days, it seems there's another story on the news highlighting the devastating effects of our modern industrialized society on our planet.  Global warming, deforestation, soil degradation, plastic pollution, mass extinctions...it's enough to leave you paralyzed with fear.  We aim to change that. To inspire the masses to wake up and reevaluate our relationship to the planet. We are not a brand.  

We are a call to action. 

A declaration that we will no longer sit around idly and watch as corporate and political agendas dictate the future of our planet.  We are a Collective in it’s truest sense.  Our mission is to protect one million acres of endangered rainforest in the next 5 years and to inspire a movement to co-create a sustainable future for the planet.

Through our Buy one Save an Acre™ program, every item sold funds the protection of an entire ACRE of endangered rainforest through Rainforest Trust, one of the leading organizations in the protection of tropical ecosystems worldwide.  It's recently been shown that the preservation of these ecosystems is one of our most effective tools in the fight against climate change.  Not only do we rely on rainforests for our oxygen and fresh water, but they are home to over HALF of the known species on Earth, as well as millions of indigenous people, and contain the cure for many of our modern day diseases.

When you purchase a product from us, you're taking a stand for the future of our planet, for all the living creatures that we share it with, and for all the generations that come after us, to insure a healthy and sustainable planet for them to enjoy.

Thank you for joining us on the mission to #saveoma.